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In the Bloody Hell movie, Rex Coen is back in his hometown of Boise, Idaho after eight long years away...and the whole country is buzzing about it. Why? He’s infamous. Why? His prison sentence. Why? The bank incident.

But seeing his own face on magazine covers, being greeted with hateful verbal abuse and hounded by hordes of paparazzi isn’t exactly the warm welcome he was anticipating. So, in an effort to change his luck, he decides to flee the country in search of a better life. But what he finds...is anything but.

Waking up drugged, dazed, and hung by his wrists from a water pipe in a dark basement somewhere in the countryside of Helsinki, Finland, Rex has many questions. The first one being… “Why the fuck is part of my leg missing?”

Picture of the Bloody Hell going away party.

Luckily, he’s not alone. Well, not entirely alone. Amidst the horror he faces, and the maddening thoughts racing through his weakened mind, his sanity comes in the form of his Conscience. A personified double, conjured up years ago to help him cope with a disastrous life. Together, Rex and his Conscience must race against time to free themselves from what waits above. And what waits above?

A Family… Eight of them, to be exact… with a secret… that they will do whatever it takes to keep.

None of them remorseful. All of them bloodthirsty. All of them pure evil. Well, all but one: Alia, the nineteen‐year‐old daughter who doesn’t entirely seem to fit in. In fact, her family’s taste for blood was never quite her cup of tea. She doesn’t see Rex as dinner, but rather, her white knight in shining bandages...the only one who can help her escape her murderous family...forever.

But Rex isn’t the trusting type, and has plans of his own. Using her little brother, Ollie, as bait, and whatever’s in the nearby discarded basement luggage, no doubt gathered over the years from unsuspecting vacationers, Rex decides that the only way out is to kill. Them. ALL.

Now, Alia must earn Rex’s trust, while he and his Conscience plan their bloody path to freedom. And while they knew slaying an entire family wouldn’t be easy, they never imagined who... or what... comes along with that.

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About Bloody Hell

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